Testing 1, 2, 3… anyone there?

Jetty at Nearwater Lane

So, I’ve set up my blog – ta-da! – to launch my new career as writer and artist. However, before beginning my epic journey there was a lot of prep to do.

I’m a designer – through and through – so I researched quite a number of blogs, mostly – but not exclusively – writing blogs to see who was publishing what. I noted the look and feel of the blog and what their chosen style said about the blogger and their subject matter. Why? Because it needs to marry up. Everything you present to the outside world says something about you.

I’ve added widgets and wotsits, got it looking reasonably professional by adding my own pictures and selecting a theme I thought appropriate for my style, content etc. I’m keeping it simple in the hope that the words I write and the images I produce will, somehow, shine through.

Hopefully, this blog will allow me to:

• hone my writing skills and make me a better, more confident, writer

• allow me to share my novel writing journey

• communicate with a like minded audience

• share thoughts and ponderings from a wannabe writer – that’s my way of saying I might rant a little…

And there we are. My first post. I have more, lots more. I started thinking about setting this up a loooong time ago and experimented with a couple of different themes and headings (hats?!) Then one night I couldn’t sleep… and that, dear reader, will be a whole other post.

Tune in next time folks!


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