iHijinx – Mumsnet Blog of the Day!

ihijinx blog of the day

I had some great news via text on Friday to congratulate me on getting Mumsnet Blog of The Day for my post about finding time to write.

A flurry of activity ensued to; see for myself and then to inform the entire population of my address book of my news – eventually remembering my manners and publicly thanking Mumsnet Bloggers for selecting my humble blog for their website.

I should also thank my friends who have all been very supportive. Two in particular are very successful in the whole new media area and have been gently nudging me along the blogging and tweeting path. Jan is an amazing felt artist – we were at art school together eons ago and she has built up an enviable following over the last two years. Verity and I set our respective businesses up at the same time – both of us had to rethink our lives because of cancer (small c!). They both had great advice for me and I had been reluctant to follow through because I still didn’t believe in myself.

Last Wednesday (after a Verity and Jan interaction) I submitted my blog to Mumsnet Bloggers, just to see what would happen. Thinking, they have a huge site and a massive following, perhaps in a few weeks they might see my stuff and give me some feedback.

The next day at school I was asked if I was a working mummy. My response, “no” was met with the verbal equivalent of  a sharp dig in the ribs by a friend who said, “you do work, you’re a writer.” I mumbled something about what I was doing and the lady seemed interested but I still felt a bit of a fraud.

I have the technical and creative skill required to produce artwork in lots of different media so I also consider myself an artist. I was trained – from my first day of art school – to think of myself as a designer so I did!

Why? Why do I find it so hard to say I’m a writer?

I set up this blog to try and raise my confidence levels and get feedback from other writers as well as support and knowledge about the industry. My tutor, from Warwick Uni, would say I’m a writer and I’ve had some very positive feedback on my chapters so far; the technology side of things has never phased me. My issue has been confidence and validation. Thanks to Mumsnet and their Blog of the Day, I’ve had an enormous confidence boost.

What kind of validation do I need to consider myself a writer? To be published and recognised by my peers? Is blogging publishing? I looked it up – the definition of publishing is to ‘issue into the public domain’.

I’ve done that – get ME!

2 thoughts on “iHijinx – Mumsnet Blog of the Day!

  1. WOOP WOOP Zak!
    Loving the frankness of your blog
    I am very highly honoured to be one of your “two”
    How was that for karma sending you the Marie Forleo stuff! Go Universe!
    May I suggest The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle La Porte as your next port of call.
    Lots of love Verity xxx

    • Cheers V! As for the Universe – you have no idea! I’ll fill you in when we catch up next. Some pretty spooky happenings pushing me along my journey. Lots of love xxx

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