“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Yoda Jedi Master. Do or do not. There is no try.

I’m feeling pretty energised today – I’m embracing the new me!

I don’t want to sound like some over enthusiastic American lifestyle guru, jumping about and whooping – but I feel like it!

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been digging around Marie Forleo’s blog. She’s so super perky and bouncy but she really knows her stuff and it’s rubbed off on me. She makes you ask some pretty pertinent questions about yourself. The answers are easy, as long as you allow yourself to access them. Women are masters of self sabotage and I was no different until I acted on her advice in this video and got my Mumsnet break.

I starting on the blog path two years ago when my husband advised me to keep up, or fall behind – a red rag to a techie nerd girl like me. I’m glad he said it. I started a blog and got myself a twitter account. I spent many evenings on the WordPress help pages and as soon as I had the hang of it, I let it slide. The blog had no real purpose and I didn’t feel passionate enough about the theme to want to blog every week.

Lost without design work and juicy brand development projects, I needed a creative outlet. In the evenings when the children were in bed, my fingers would itch to do something. I tried knitting and crochet, sketching and drawing, but none of that fully satisfied me. (Plus my husband would get irritated by pencil and sketch book clutter). Now I tinker with this blog and blog post ideas as well as research for my novel. I find it impossible to write narrative when the children are around but now I have the blog I can keep writing. It’s much more fulfilling (and an ipad/laptop is easier to tidy away!) I get to be creative and scratch my techno itch!

Now, I have purpose other than my children and a personal goal to strive for. I set the bar high so I’d better start believing in the future I’ve outlined for myself because, if I don’t, the only person I’m going to let down is me.

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try

Yoda the Jedi Master

Wise words from Jedi Master, Yoda. I’ve always loved Star Wars and now my children do too. It was this story that really captured and sparked my childhood imagination and really got me thinking along Sci-Fi lines. Thanks George Lucas! (Not sure about the Disney thing… actually, I am sure. I don’t like it. Disney feels like the dark side of the force.)

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