Nothing. White noise. Blank.This post was going to be totally different. It was going to be a lively, upbeat kind of post. Then I changed my mind because I’ve finally got two hours clear to write narrative and I can’t think of anything. I am at that horrible place on my journey where I am questioning everything and have no answers – no story, no dialogue, no structure, no plot. Nothing. White noise. Blank. Blankety sodding blank.

I’ve lost it. The whole thread of the story seems pointless. Why did I even start it in the first place? I could cry. What on earth made me think that I could write a book – let alone get it published?

Poo. Pants. Wee.

This isn’t just writers block it’s writers failure. I can’t see what is going on in the world of my book and I don’t see the characters futures at all. They’re all still there, sitting twiddling their thumbs waiting for me to do something but I see belligerence in their eyes. Defiance like, “You want me to do what? Yeah? Make me!”

And to make matters worse I’ve gone and told everyone I’m a writer! And my amazing, cool, lovely supportive sister has told everyone I’m a writer – BLOODY HELL!  – I’m not a writer. I’m an idiot with a crap story.

It’s round two of the writers group tomorrow night AND I’ve got that big Gala Dinner on Saturday (you know the one where I was going to introduce myself confidently – ha!).          I have a dress and no shoes. That sums it up really.

A writer with nothing to write isn’t really a writer.



Image: nothing, nowt, zilch etc.

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  1. As a columnist, I am THAT writer every morning! At least until 1) I’ve had my coffee and 2) my editor raises her eyebrow. Just the one. If it gets to two eyebrows… I’d rather not think about it. Editor or not, welcome to the writing club :)

  2. We all have days like this Zak. Being creative isn’t like digging a hole, you’ve got to be in the right frame of mind. If it isn’t happening, walk away from it. You don’t have a deadline to meet. Come back to it another time, then just start writing ANYTHING. Even if you think it’s rubbish, at least you have a starting point. Treat it as you would designing a logo, you’ll never get the one you’re happy with straight away these things develop over time. Once you’ve written the first chapter the rest will just fly out of your head on to the page, I know it. :o) Arse

  3. Give me a call tomorrow. More than been there. And if you like I’ll meet you in town and help you choose a new dress. It can be a sparkly one that you could also wear to your first book award ceremony.

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