A kick up the bum or inspiration?

A quick update: I don’t want to come across as some drama queen throwing my teddy out on a bad day. I was/am pretty stuck and threw out Tuesday’s post to just write something – it didn’t even have a title (I might give it one – there’s a rude joke in there somewhere – suggestions?). I’ve had all day and two nights to think on it and get to the crux of the issue – that I’ve been sliding into this place since I tried to write the ‘bad man’.

I need something – a kick up the bum or inspiration?

The problem (another one) is I’m half way through the first book and I’ve not told enough of the story. There is so much more to say but is there enough action to keep the narrative engaging? I’m stuck because the story feels bigger than me. It feels like I’m picking away at a chocolate mountain with a teaspoon in the cold. Does that make sense? I want it, I love it, but I’m missing something.

I have chapter outlines for this book and synopsis for the next two so I should be able to just write and write and write.

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” E.B. White

I was at my Writing Group last night. Great session. I got the feedback I needed from the group (an awesome group btw) and I think I have a plan. I have one hour until school pick up so I’m going to write for one hour. (A: I needed a kick.)

P.S. I have shoes.

No image today – I’m writing!

4 thoughts on “A kick up the bum or inspiration?

  1. Routine is crucial, at least for me. And giving yourself a time frame for writing is great. Sitting in front of a computer screen with unlimited time can feel daunting, whereas knowing there is a set amount of time (an hour … until lunch … before Dancing With the Stars comes on.. ) adds some motivation and makes the time seem more manageable. It also helps keep from feeling guilty if you don’t come up with much; three paragraphs in an hour or two is easier to swallow than three paragraphs in five hours :)

    • We both have deadline driven backgrounds and you are absolutely right. Deadlines focus the mind! I don’t have an editor but I do have a school run at 3.20 everyday. It makes for a short day when I have my other roles to fulfil but I try and use 2hr time slots to work in. If I can get 500 words out then I know I’m doing well. I picked out the EB White quote because I’ve found myself waiting for the ‘right time’ too often over the last couple of weeks. This hasn’t helped me at all. I just needed a good hard shove!
      Thanks Ned :o)

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