Appropriate footwear…

Snow and snow dinosaurGood Grief! Has it been so long since my last blog? Fear not! I intend to remedy the hiatus. Apologies.

This has not been my only hiatus – I hadn’t added to the word count on my novel since November which really bothered me but my story wasn’t left to sit bereft of attention. The short snatches of time I managed to find (which don’t work for writing) were used to plan and organise notes, work out timeline issues etc. as the main plot is centered around a timescale of lunar phases and tidal reaches. If my story is to be believed, I need to get the structure right. Right?

I backed up all my work to Evernote and cleared my virtual desk – all scrappy notes, backstories and plot planning are now in order. I sat back feeling pretty pleased with myself until I saw the size and scale of my project – three books, possibly four. Intimidated? Overwhelmed? Yep, both of those and some. It looked so complicated I thought my head might actually explode and there, right before my eyes, the sunny grass lined road of my imaginings morphed into a vast black tunnel.

When I tell people I’m writing sci-fi the response is usually, “how clever!” I don’t feel clever, I feel a fraud. The readership I’m targeting will know their stuff. Sci-fi is for geeks, nerds and boffins – people like me. They will question and doubt my work if I don’t hit the mark (I know because I do it too). Yes, as a writer you can create your own world and have fantastic events taking place BUT all events need to make sense within that world.

After some doubts, (which I have in abundance) I could think of nothing else other than to write my way out… and that’s what I did/am doing. I’m 12 chapters in, much better organised and filling in a lot of gaps. Helped by a couple of train journeys to London, I have added over a thousand words this week which is way short of my target but at least I’m back on the writing road. The darkness has been penetrated by a small shaft of light, there are some familiar features in the distance but, MAN, the road is long!

Generally my shoes match my mood. Right now I will put on sensible hiking boots as I could do without slip-ups and a soggy bottom (in reality and metaphorically – it’s snowing outside). When I get going I will build my own road with it’s own unique features and you can bet there will be several footwear changes along the way.

IMAGE: The Oak tree and a, rather magnificent, snow dinosaur.


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