Read with caution

reading, shelves of booksJust over a month ago my right shoulder started to bother me – nothing much, a twinge, an ache – I ignored it until last week when the pain disturbed my sleep. A doctors visit was required. I hate going to the doctors.

She was quite pleasant but, as I expected, she made me do things I knew would hurt. Doctors require you to prove your pain. I did so and together we both realised that the mobility in my right arm was greatly decreased. She didn’t seem surprised or upset, I was.

The conversation went something like:
“Can you pinpoint when the pain began?”

“No, it just started around Christmas time but I ignored it.”

“Did you knock your shoulder in some way?”


“Any trauma, did you fall?”

“No, no, I have no idea what I could have done. It just started to hurt one day.”

“Could it be a sport related injury?”

“Ha ha… Sorry. No.”


A mystery to be sure. She diagnosed rotator cuff tendonitis; prescribed gigantic painkillers and handed me a physiotherapy form. Apparently, at my age, it can just happen. I ignored it for a month and now it has a name – it is a medical issue. (Please note, I am feeling pretty grumpy right now and fighting the urge to rant. RICE – seriously? How the hell am I supposed to get past the ‘R’ with two children and a husband who is away ALL the time – but I won’t).

That night, I took the gigantic painkiller (which didn’t work) and went to bed.

Took my book, as usual.

Grabbed my phone, plugged it in, as usual.

Switched on my itorch app, as usual.

Kissed my dear husband goodnight, as usual.

Went under the covers with my book – so as not to disturb dear husb – as usual.

Turned on my right side to read, as… Ooh… OW!

I can be pretty dippy but mostly when I’m pregnant. I’m not pregnant. My shoulder, really, bloody, hurts. I have referred pain and reduced mobility because for the past year I have developed a reading habit which is not conducive to good health.

On the positive side – this is not an age related issue. Not a great consolation but at my age you take any plus point you can scrape up.

So beware, dear reader, we shouldn’t get too comfortable in the same position. We all require change, in many forms, whether we realise it or not.

IMAGE: Books. Lots of them. Reading is important – Humans have the need to read.

14 thoughts on “Read with caution

  1. You have my sympathies. I had that once and ignored it to continue through a fencing season. A series of hard shots to my shoulder and I had a useless arm for a few weeks. I mean, I had to use my other arm to move it every now and then. I still can’t lay on that shoulder for too long before it begins to ache and it’s definitely weaker than it should be. Hope you feel better soon and find a less painful reading pose.

    • Thank you for sharing this, makes me feel better! ;o) There’s always someone who has it worse! sounds horrible. Fencing is very cool – one would expect an injury from fencing… from reading in bed, under the covers like a kid? well, it’s a bit lame right? and I’m not a very patient patient.
      Sorry to hear you’re still having problems though. Did you have to give up fencing?

      • Thanks. I did fencing through high school and college, but I only get to do a little practicing here and there. I don’t have the time or space to get into it. I was pretty average with it anyway, so I figure it’s for the best. It gave me a better insight into swordsmanship to use in my writing too.

        I don’t think it’s lame to get an injury from reading in bed. Injuries happen in some of the most bizarre situations. In college, a friend of mine sneezed and it somehow collapsed a lung. Humans aren’t even close to indestructible outside of fiction. :)

      • I think it’s the British equivalent of crazy, unbelievable, mind blowing etc. :o)
        Seriously – it’s a wonder we actually survive as a species.

        Also, I think you hit on something (sorry for the pun). It just dawned on me that I really don’t think I’d know where to begin writing an action scene.

      • As strange as it sounds, I always start with one character attacking the other. Any ‘fight’ consists of an attack followed by a strike/block/dodge/counterattack and is followed by either another block/dodge/counterattack/strike. Boiling it down to the basic choices is a great way to start and then you figure the style of your character.

        I read a lot of comic books and watched a lot of action-based cartoons, so it’s probably easier for me. I would recommend any Hong Kong action movie because they tend to have exaggerated fight scenes that you can easily dissect to see the parts of.

  2. Hi Zak, just read your dramatic, nay traumatic, shoulder-blog and must say I have a large amount of sympathy for both you and your shoulder. I had an ache in mine before Xmas and as a result the doctor amputated my entire right arm. Then he amputated my left one, not just to be precautionary, but so I wouldn’t be lop-sided. As a result this reply has taken a very long time to type. Honest.

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  4. I feel your pain, really. I think many of my joints require help too, but that’s not really the point of your post – great conclusion!

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