Time for words

Snoopy typing with WoodstockMy lovely husband gave me the best Christmas present ever. Time. I was given a whole weekend to immerse myself in writing. As my 500 words per day has lapsed somewhat, this will be an excellent opportunity to get back up to speed and really make some progress on my book.

A whole weekend for me! ME! Oh how lovely that sounds. I’m leaving the men of the house fully equipped with easy-cook provisions and ideas for outings. I need to make life as easy as possible for them and therefore my weekend will run much more smoothly. The kids will show husband the ropes so I know they’ll all be fine.

I’m heading down to Devon shortly to a lovely little hotel on the waters edge for a two night stay. I haven’t packed yet but all I really need is my notes, files, research and laptop. I have no outings planned, only a walk or two along the small rocky beach at the foot of the hotel. No distractions. No excuses.

Writing while gazing out over the sea; waves crashing against weather worn rocks, inspiring words and images in my mind – I have high expectations. I expect the tide to bring in floods of words filling my days with the world of ‘Ella’, living and writing her life, giving her a conclusion – a way to move forward and onwards in her universe.

A romantic ideal. Now back to reality.

I have set myself a 5000 word target – it sounds big but do-able. Last year I wrote nearly 6000 words while on a family holiday. I figure if I can manage a 5k+ word count just writing a couple of hours a day by the pool, a weekend alone should prove pretty fruitful. I need to make sure I focus on just the story, to push the narrative forward and not get bogged down in research and iron out any details later.

The forecast is for rain all weekend but that doesn’t matter as I have a sea view room and plenty of chocolate (a nasty writing habit I developed on the screenwriting part of my course). I’m really REALLY looking forward to it – excited and apprehensive all at the same time.

That’s it –  a short and hastily written post. I’m off to pack now.

IMAGE: Snoopy and Woodstock. Writing. Look at that! we have something in common.

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