Devon coastSo, on Friday I drove down to a lovely hotel in Devon to begin my writing weekend. It poured with rain for the ENTIRE journey. Then I stepped into my room and was instantly rewarded by a fantastic view.

After unpacking, I organised my notes and research and began scribbling down the ideas already popping into my head. Short lived productivity as I was tired from my journey and starving! I stopped work and headed to the restaurant for an early dinner.

I don’t enjoy eating alone so I went armed with notebooks, and some research ideas. The intention was to be as productive as possible while avoiding eye contact with other diners – trying my best to take on an air of, “No, I’m not alone because I’m a billy-no-mates, I’m just working really hard”. I employed a furrowed brow and poised pen to serve as a guise for people watching and eavesdropping! (A loud table of four were great entertainment.) It’s not bad… It’s research!

I ate up quickly as I wanted to get back to my room and organise the new notes I made in preparation for the next day – a full day of writing. I was asleep by 9.30pm and up at 6.30am on Saturday.

On my return from breakfast a lady from housekeeping commented on how busy I must be – the spare bed in my twin room was covered with piles of notes. I explained and it turns out she published her life story recently (available on Amazon). She is also an artist. Her work reflects the trauma and horror she has experienced in her life. A very talented and inspiring woman (more here).

My word count got higher and higher through the day. The rain fell and fell. I waited and watched for the tide to go out enough for me to take a walk on the rocky beach. It was freezing but the surfers came and went all day demonstrating great resilience. I managed an hour before I was back for hot chocolate and more words. I really had to focus and avoid getting too distracted by the internet and Twitter.

By the end of Saturday I had 1800’ish words and was pooped. On Sunday I checked out of the hotel but stayed in the lounge area to make the most of my last writing day. I ended with a grand total of 5028 words and buzzed with endorphins all the way home.

IMAGES: Two views of the north Devon coast from my window, surfers preparing to enter the freezing water, my little writing station.

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