Finding Balance

BalanceSo I’ve been at this blogging lark for nearly six months now. Using this space to ‘think-out-loud’ has been incredibly useful. I’ve decluttered my mind and met some great people – my readers are ace! It was tough for a while, design was everything to me – colouring in for a living, what’s not to love! My career defined me until it was torpedoed out of my life by circumstance and I was forced onto a new path. I resisted, wandering around with no direction, no purpose. I was truly lost.

Autonomy = Happiness.

I had no choice but to take control and start making some decisions. I couldn’t let life just happen to me. I had to mould it into some sort of acceptable shape. I had to listen to the little voice inside. I needed balance.

I am an obsessor. Whatever I do has to be just right, to fall correctly into an order that I can deal with, it has to make sense. My new obsession/passion is writing. So much so, I think design work would be a distraction – sharp intake of breath! Did I really say that? Yes, actually, I did.

The writing weekend spelled a big change for me. I got the same buzz from hitting 5k words as I did from nailing a design deadline. My creative purpose was fulfilled in a different way. I’m using my brain for more than domestic trudge. (Another subject has filtered in too, adding to the positive vibe but I’ll get to that in a moment.) After my big birthday I came to a conclusion that the rest of my life had begun. I asked myself – am I really going to spend it wishing I were doing something else or am I actually going to do the something else I’ve been dreaming of? Easy question to answer. Who wants to waste time?

“Our lives are less than 1000 months long. We spend a third of it in the shower or at Tesco. We must make the most of it.”

AC Grayling

I have eluded to some nerdiness in previous posts. My inner nerd will take a bigger role from now on in the form of MY NERD HEAVEN. I’m fascinated by cosmology – it plays a huge role in my book. I needed a way to centralise my research and this seems like the perfect medium. I’d also like to use it as a platform for discussion and sharing information.

My Nerd Heaven will be linked and updated in a different way to this site. I’ll still be emptying my head here on iHijinx, and I’m sure there will be some design projects I just won’t be able to refuse.

I hope some of you will drop by and say hi.

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