Daydreaming and believing

daydreamOne of the earliest comments on my school report stated I was a daydreamer. I still am, except that now my daydreams don’t involve being the 5th member of Charlies Angels, Spiderman’s side kick (he never had one!) or gaining superpowers*. Now, I wonder what the centre of the universe looks like; could solving string theory bring us closer to God? What life is out there beyond the dark of space? Is Kepler looking in the right places? Are we seeing the real world? I could go on but basically, my grown up daydreams are mostly born of scientific information.

I think a lot. I take in information in hard blocks, like… sugar cubes! During the rare moments of my day when I am alone and able to let my mind drift and wander, I can take those lumps of information and pour water on them. They dissolve and are absorbed becoming food for my imagination.

There’s a LOT I don’t know. I’m not intimidated by my lack of knowledge because when you’re looking for answers to questions you’re interested in, it makes the finding out more fun. My views are untainted – could be good, could be bad. I have no experience in science, I just want to know. (Calculus fries my noodle – I need an explanation.) I feel a need to understand. The biggest problem I have right now, is that every question answered throws up more questions – again, it’s not intimidating but exciting. It means I’m moving forward in my journey so it’s actually quite a nice problem to have!

I am a writer. That’s my business, thats what I need to excel in now. The cosmological, ecological and astrobiological side of my interests will inform and become manifest in my book. I can’t express my ideas as stabs in the dark, they need to have a reality base because I need them to be believable. That’s what makes writing exciting to me. Writing a book is like solving a riddle. I’m working my way through and having a really great time.

NB: This blog and My Nerd Heaven blog are two parts of me so sometimes our themes will overlap. This week is an overlap.

*If I’m honest, my dream of having superpowers never really went away…

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