Shooting for the stars

shooting star and guessed trajectory

I travelled down to The British Interplanetary Society (BIS) yesterday to attend a talk on Alien Evolution by Lewis Dartnell. I parked at Northolt and took the tube to Vauxhall. This was my first serious delve into the world of the professional astrobiologist.

Lewis Dartnell is a good speaker – very engaging and personable. He imparted lots of very useful and interesting information on what aliens might look like and how evolution would seek to bring about the most efficient ‘body’ to survive in its environment. He also covered how people would cope in space for long periods of time.

A major stumbling block to extended periods of time in space is human lifespan and the (current) inability to conceive and carry a child to term in zero gravity. Is it possible? I think it could be. Lewis Dartnell didn’t know. I have a lot of notes from last night to continue my research and you can bet I will do just that.

I don’t like the tube so it was a relief to be outside again – even if it was in my car! I was rewarded for enduring my underground travel in the most amazing way. At around 9.40pm, just as I was about to turn onto the M40, a bright light caught my eye. To my left a fizzing, bright, blueish light sped along the darkened sky. This ‘shooting star‘ had a tail ending with a long red ‘V’. I knew what it was immediately – I’ve seen a couple of these things over the years. Each one slightly different but unmistakeable. I watched the beautiful light fizz and disappear into nothing behind MacDonalds and… the Jedi Robe shop!

This morning I can see lots of tweets and news reports on the net so I certainly wasn’t alone. Now I’m wondering, what remains of the shooting star and where did it land? I’ve looked on Google Maps and believe it might be somewhere on the grounds of the school behind Jedi Robe, around Godfrey Avenue.

An awesome sight to end my evening. Did the empire strike back? No, but a little bit of cosmic flotsam made it through our atmosphere and put a huge smile on my face.


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