Talking of writing

You might recall, just before christmas, I was struggling to call myself a writer – I felt a fraud because I didn’t believe myself to be a writer. I do now. Probably a good thing as on 6th June I will be reading from my book at the Leamington Literary Salon.

As a designer I spoke in public many times – seminars, teaching, presenting to company presidents and panels of business type big-wigs. It wasn’t a problem for me to speak in a professional capacity because I felt in control with a proven track record. I am now a writer, an artist – a different type of creative. I realised, with some horror, during the first term of my creative writing class that I couldn’t read my work in public without falling to pieces. My heart would race and my words, while well paced and coherent at the start, would quickly descend into a speed reading garble akin to the mutterings of Rain Man. Thankfully, I got better over the next two terms and because the tutors would share the reading!

I was able to speak publicly in a professional capacity but when it came down to reading material which was personal to me I fell apart – personal v professional. Maybe I was scared of what people might think of me? Worried about being judged as a crack pot! I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t care, besides, I think most people have a pretty good idea that I am prone to mildly unhinged moments. (Mild I said!)

So, back to the big event on 6th June. I guess you could call me the warm up act for the real stars of the show, John Costello and Joseph D’Lacey. Joseph is very successful and has published a number of books. Both John and Joseph tutored the writing group I was part of (The University of Warwick). Me? I have published this blog – ta da!

The event will be held at The Real Tennis Club in Leamington. It’s an amazing venue steeped in British history and now host to this event. The brainchild of Liz Weston and Carole Sleight, The Leamington Literary Salon is relatively new but proving a very popular evening. The last event was hugely entertaining and a talking point for weeks after. Feedback and discussion is encouraged and this makes for a more informal atmosphere than you might expect. I certainly wanted to attend the next event but had no idea I would be asked to be a part of it.

The key person here is John Costello. Joseph was a student of Johns many years ago and has now made a career out of writing. John will be reading one of his short stories. I think Joseph might read from his new novel, Black Feathers. I will be the newbie.

I’m very fortunate to have the support of John as a mentor and tutor for my book project. He believes in my story and ability to see it through. I want to make it a great piece of work, something I would want to read. As for reading part of my work in progress aloud in front of a huge crowd? Well, may the fruit be soft and hecklers jolly!

For ticket information click HERE.

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