Tick, tock says the clock

clock face tick tock

I took part in my first ever event as a writer last week with two published authors – John Costello and Joseph D’Lacey. I had great support at The Leamington Literary Salon from friends and valuable encouragement from John and Joseph. I read the first chapter of my book and, after spending the best part of a week feeling nervous, I really enjoyed it!

In early February I set myself a goal to write 500 words per day. In March I produced 5000 words at my writing weekend. I did well until Easter break came around – I absolutely, positively cannot write with children in the house. Three weeks later, all the good writing routine and habits I built up earlier in the year crumbled and I never really recovered. Another distraction cropped up after Easter in the form of my husbands business. One day a week in the office for five weeks might not sound like much but as someone who is slightly obsessive and unable to switch off, it becomes a time issue. If I’m going to do a job then I want to do it to the best of my abilities. Something has to give and that something is usually my writing time. It might sound like I’m making excuses but events conspire to delay, or use up the precious time I have for my writing project. Just as I feel like I’ve got some momentum, pesky old life happens! It bothers me – I feel I’ve let myself down.

On a positive note, we’ve just been on holiday to Spain. I had a lot of time to write and capture ideas. The children were around but so engrossed in kids club it left me with hours of clear headspace everyday – writing heaven! Words seemed to pour out of my fingertips as I sat hunched up on a sun lounger by the pool tapping away on my iPad (I’m loving iA Writer). By the time we got back home a week later, I had added 8000/9000 to my word count. I can’t describe how much I really loved that time. I took a book but didn’t read, I took my sketch pad, pencils and a mini water-colour kit but all I wanted to do was write. We’ve been back for over a week now and I’ve written a grand total of 200 words. *Sad Face*

500 words sounded achievable in February. If I get my act together I can probably get back to that level until the summer holidays come round at the end of July. However, 500 words per day would give me two chapters every three weeks. I have 10 chapters to write which means I will not have a completed first draft. Do I adjust my self imposed deadline? Or, perhaps, be a little more brutal with how I spend my time?

5 thoughts on “Tick, tock says the clock

    • I was quaking! But you know, I was there to read and everyone was ready to listen so I just did it. John and Joseph were brilliant with words of support and encouragement, as were my friends. I had a great time and would do it again in a flash!

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