Shhh… I’m writing


So here I am a whole month after my May deadline without a finished book. I won’t go into why because they will simply sound like excuses. What I will say is that I have learned some valuable lessons.

The writing weekend proved to me that I can write without ritual. I don’t need to ease myself into the words, I don’t need to have a clear inbox, check my twitter feed or tinker with this blog to get into the ‘writerly zone’. I’m a designer, I’m comfortable with deadlines but I’ve not scheduled my own deadlines hard enough – 30 minutes of writing might not add much to my word count but the count will go up. The words don’t need to be found as I already have them, I just need to let them out.

My trusty Mac is a beautiful and powerful tool to create artwork and design but not the tool for writing – shock and sharp intakes of breath! However, Apple have another device much more suited to my writerly needs. The iPad is spot on – transportable and, with the help of iA writer, utterly fit for purpose. I get distraction free writing with a keyboard layout specifically for writing at speed. No need for multiple shift key access to characters like speech marks etc. Work is automatically saved and synced to all devices. Yummy! The only thing I miss is my ‘command Z’ key.

Finally, The Leamington Literary Salon has been a great boost. I was horribly nervous before the event but, thanks to some great words of advice and friendly support, I really enjoyed reading the first chapter of my book. The event boosted my desire to just get the words down and I’ve been doing just that for the last two weeks – feels amazing.

I have three end chapters and I’m currently up to chapter 14. The finished book will be around 24 chapters. I need to focus and start achieving some real results. A chapter per week? Why not? I know my story. I know the events that need to take place – I just need to make them happen.

I haven’t posted a blog for a couple of weeks, sorry, I was distracted by writing a book!

Image: A firework exploding at the Nikki Beach opening night party in May this year.

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