Autus Marketing Logo

Autus Logo Stage oneThe brief for this project was centred around the name – Autus is latin for increase, enlargement, growth.

The desired colours were green and purple to reflect the Scottish thistle which was also the starting point for design.

As you can see from the screen shot, I started with some rough font matches and began playing around with the form of a thistle. It’s important to get the font right because if the shape of the letters don’t match the character/style of the company the logo will never look complete. I tend to feel my way around font work usually ending up altering certain aspects of the letters.

Autus logo stage 2We continued along the thistle track and tried many variations on that theme; abstracting the form and using type around it in many ways.

Something wasn’t working. None of it looked ‘comfortable’ enough to take forward for further development. The ideas were looking dated before we’d even begun!

Back to the drawing board. Literally.

I like to start any project with a piece of paper and a black pen.

Autus marketing logo development 5We live in a conservation area and there are a lot of huge old trees with preservation orders on them. I have an Oak tree that backs onto my garden which is around 400 years old.

That became my new starting point. I felt I could use an informal style because the nature of the tree would speak for itself.


Autus3I think you’ll agree that the only part of the little ‘scribble’ above that makes sense (looks like part of a tree) is the trunk. I researched images and drew over them to get a feel for how to make the form of the logo look more realistic.

These shapes then became the basis of my development of the foliage for the logo. I deleted the swirls and spirals, which looked too ‘soft’, and replaced them with circles.

Autus Marketing Development6 Autus9 Autus8 Autus7

While the transformations I played with looked acceptable, the style didn’t fit the personality of the company. I continued along this thought process. This time I pulled out some of the circles and made them more tear drop shaped. They looked too hard so I added a wave – mimicking my own starting point!


This line of reasoning was starting to fall into place. I deleted one half of the circles and tear drops and mirrored what I had. The result was pleasant but too sterile – this was supposed to represent a living, growing organism! I took each separate element and tightened it. Finally, the only real change I needed to make was to alter the top centre of the tree to give it a more ‘natural’ form and break some of the symmetry. Ready for a splash of colour.

Autus11I placed what I had on top of the trunk. Nice.

I didn’t stop there. To know and be sure that I had taken the idea to it’s natural conclusion, I had to take it a step further.

Autus12I think you’ll agree, his was a step too far!

The new style detracts from the clean aesthetics of simple lines. It’s too much.

Finally the only changes I needed to make was to finalise the logo font, letter kerning and colour.


In the end I couldn’t help but add a soft drop shadow just as a final flourish. The logo works well on white but I knew I could add a little something to it and make it a little more special. I tinkered!




AutusfinalRevblogAs a final touch I worked a single colour version and abstracted it further by homing in on one part of the foliage – this would work as a support image to the logo.

You can contact Autus Marketing HERE

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