Cool Clouds

Most people are not aware that I have a minor obsession with clouds. You might think I’m weird, my husband thinks it’s cute and funny (thank God) but I’m fascinated. I don’t know what names they have – I’m not a nerd! I just like to look at them. I’ll be uploading my Cool Cloud images from time to time so keep checking back. I caught some with ball lightning in them… now where did I put them?

I’ll start with these, taken on the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry, from Long Island to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Summer 2010.

Thursday 18th October:

So, it turns out there is a Cloud Appreciation Society! AND they have names for clouds above and beyond (excuse the pun) the average cumulus nimbus (I only know that one from Russell in UP). They have a membership but I don’t need a badge and certificate to be a cloud appreciator.

Take a look for yourselves :  then let me know what you think. K?


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