Painting of my son walking down to a beach in Montauk, Long Island. Photographs taken during a workshop with June Dudleston mrbsa at The Royal Birmingham Society of Arts – RBSA.

Printout of photo used as reference for painting Underpainting using complementary colours The Sky is in and the sea is nearly there. Added some Foreground Fence Posts are in and some more greenery added

A printout of a photograph was used as a reference for the painting. The second image is an underpainting used to outline the painting structure. The next images show the sky complete and some – difficult – filling in. I found it very tricky using a palette knife.

In the Studio at the RBSA Home from the studio at the RBSA Adding more detail to the painting adding more layers at home using nothing but my palette knife.

I really struggled to get as far as I wanted at the RBSA studio and I was determined to complete the picture. By the time I got it home to my kitchen table I was enjoying using the palette knife and felt quite comfortable with it.

Final tinkering before adding Jamaal into the painting Yay! Jamaal is finally in. Indicated in at the moment to get the proportions right

I tinkered and messed with the shadows in the sand and the foliage and grasses around the fence before daring to put my son in. I didn’t want to ruin a picture of my beautiful boy! I wanted to do him justice.

Jamaal walking to the beach at Montauk Finished. All done by palette knife.

And here he is!
I’m really happy with how this painting has turned out. I enjoyed the challenge of using nothing but a palette knife – I have a long way to go before I reach June’s level of artistry. She was a great teacher and her own work is amazing. June has been working this way for many many years.

My son’s comment? “Mama, you’re so talented.”

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