My Art

My Son walking to the beach at Montauk Finished. All done by palette knife.

Painting of my son walking down to a beach in Montauk, Long Island. Photographs taken during a workshop with June Dudleston mrbsa at The Royal Birmingham Society of Arts – RBSA.

Click on the picture or HERE for more information



I can’t resist the pull of working on a logo identity/branding. So when a friend set up her own marketing agency I gladly took up the brief and enjoyed every minute of it. Follow the link/image to see how I worked through it.


John Shakespeare – painting in progress.
Not sure I’ll get round to finishing this one.

3 thoughts on “My Art

    • Aw, Lucy, that’s so kind of you. I really do appreciate all your support lovely lady. As for Open Studio, you’re the second person to say that to me now… I might have to start thinking about it.

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