and the winner is… Me!

Versatile blogger award and Very inspiring blogger awardIt’s award season; red carpets are being vacuumed; trophies polished; outfits chosen; the media are on standby, and that’s just for me. I wish! This month I have been given the Versatile blogger Award AND the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by blog mate Charles Yallowitz. I will be handing out my own awards further down this post so read on to see who’s names will be pulled out of my virtual golden envelopes.

First, I have some obligations to fulfill as recipient of both the awards:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

It was hard to get all the blogs I read down to 15. I get a lot out of the bloggosphere. It’s a great resource and idea sharing platform. The seven things about me was a little tricky. I published a load of answers when I got the Liebster Award. I’m not sure how interesting you’ll find the following information but here goes:

As recipient of Versatile Blogger Award my answers are:

  1. I can play drums but I pull silly faces while doing it. It helps me concentrate but I look utterly ridiculous.
  2. I read in bed for extended periods of time. Usually under the covers. It’s not good.
  3. I would like to see the earth from space.
  4. Sci-fi confession – I don’t believe in time travel.
  5. I count adverbs in books. Joseph D’Lacey, John Costello and Stephen King have a LOT to do with it.
  6. My family and friends are vital to my existence.
  7. The progress of both Voyager probes blows my mind. I would love see what they see, if only I could live forever.

As recipient of The Very Inspiring Blogger Award my answers are:

  1. I can be a little obsessive with my projects. Ok, a lot.
  2. Cool quotes that give me goosebumps: The Matrix – “he’s beginning to believe” and Terminator – “come with me if you want to live”.
  3. I sometimes put off finishing artwork just in case it doesn’t match the image in my head.
  4. I can play the recorder with my nose. No, really I can.
  5. I can link to Kevin Bacon in one move (more on that later).
  6. The pace of science evolution is both terrifying and thrilling. Mostly thrilling.
  7. In my head I’m receiving these awards flanked by Sir David Attenborough and Prof Brian Cox. Johnny Depp is giving me a standing ovation while patting my husband on the back. (Did I say too much?)

And now the awards for Versatile blogger Award and Very Inspiring Blogger Award go to: (fanfare)

Ned’s Blog – laugh out loud humour

Tom Elias, Writer – a fellow sci-fi fan and writer

Meyer Lane – a great writing resource all pulled together so you don’t have to

Love Make Think – beautiful and awe inspiring art by Jan Waller

Creative Writing with The Crimson League – sensible, down to earth writing advice

From the desk of Jakebe T. Rabbit – honest blogging about writing

Janice Tanton : Full Time Human Being – honest blogging – no holds barred! Great artist

Digital Inukshuk – finding peace, seeing truth

Spots and Cellulite – about growing up by a very clever lady

Head in book – being a mom and telling it like it is

Chiller – always different, always a great, thought provoking read

The Blog What I wrote – honest posts written from the heart

Cassandra Bellinger – a fellow aspiring writer, it helps to know I’m not alone

A ramble through an author’s imagination – Nick Cook ticking all my nerdy boxes <3

Life in authoring – more humour, no words necessary


Yes, all of you get both awards because I read your blogs the most and get a lot out of what you post. And finally, a great big thanks to Charles (aka Slepsnor at Legends of Windemere) for the nominations and being a part of my blogging community.

I hear music playing and a man is using his hand to make a sawing motion on his neck. People are chanting off off off… can’t think what they mean. I’ll go and find out.


4 thoughts on “and the winner is… Me!

  1. Hello, this made me so happy, thank you! You are completely right that time is my enemy. I really need to blog more often than every six weeks or so. Need to explain SEO to my baby and once he realizes that regular posting is key, he’s bound to start sleeping through the night. Hmmm.

    • How true. I remember trying to work when my boys were smaller. They both came in with their play laptop/keyboards and my eldest said, “shhh… Mama, I’m working. Can you just give me a minute please.” He did it in the EXACT same way I was doing it – one hand held up without looking away from my screen. What a wake up call!

      It’s easy to feel defeated as a Mum trying to do all things at once but keep doing what you’re doing. It’s great. The posts might be few and far between but the quality is up there. It would be great to hear your answers and your list but it’s not meant to add to your workload :)

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